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Recipe - Quick(ish) Pressure Cooker Dog Meals

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Cooking for pups is something we do most weeks. Here's a basic recipe you can riff off to create your own yummy meals for pups. Rest assured there are many different recipes you can use but this is how we do a lot of our own. Spotted some specials at your local supermarket or butcher? Great! Add that in. Its a decent cookpot for humans too (if you use fresh human grade food of course).

This is a great recipe for your pups. We recommend considering and tracking content (e.g., moderating the amount of fat) as you cook, for the sake of your pups, but this is an easy recipe using fresh or frozen ingredients. At a pinch you can make it in a large pot but that won't necessarily be as easy or fast as a pressure cooker.


  • 2 kg Mince from Butcher (or you can use equivalent frozen pet mince normally this is chicken frames and chicken if cheap)

  • 1 kg additional meat (see some examples below)

  • 6.5 cups of water

  • 2 cups brown rice

  • Half cup frozen vegetables.

Additional meats you can use include fish, chicken, beef, (remember to avoid using toxic add ins onion, garlic, sultanas, etc). These can be precooked for flavour or not if your pressed for time. You will quickly learn what your pup prefers (e.g., fish vs chicken vs beef) but we find that most pups love it all and the variety is also enjoyed. Do be careful what you put in as some foods can be very salty, etc. (e.g., avoid bacon).


  • Pressure cooker or large pot or slow cooker.

Our preference is the Breville pressure cooker as it is faster - the following instructions are based on that cooker. You don't need to use too much oil with the pressure cooker and Breville's version allow you to saute meats first to get added flavour.

Pressure cooker instructions

  1. Place block of mince (and any additional meat) in the cooker

  2. Add water (6.5 cups - this is for the brown rice mainly - you will find out what works for your set up)

  3. Close the lid and select "Pot Roast" at 60Kpa for 30 mins

  4. When done break up the mince if it has still got lumps

  5. Add 2 cups brown rice and half cup frozen vegetables (remember no onion, shallots, garlic, etc ).

  6. Mix well

  7. Close the lid and select "Rice" at 50 Kpa for about 15 mins.

  8. When done mix again (normally the meat will be very tender) so ingredients are roughly evenly spread.

  9. Serve when warm (not too hot) and store/refrigerate the rest as needed.

Cooking time

This process is generally 90 mins of cooking as frozen food takes a while to heat up or about 55 mins if you are cooking from warm.

Plate up

You can serve on its own or with kibble. We find most pups love it and you can adjust as needed. For sizing, this recipe tends to produce about 16 x 250 gram serves (add kibble) or 8 x 500gram serves.


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