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Home Design Collection (now available)

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We've released some home decor, fabric and wallpaper products for that special puppy flavour we know you love. Totally GingerBears and totally new. Grab one now (e.g., Doona covers, throws, or table cloth) for that local and unique specialty item.

Based entirely on real pups.

Ask us to organise your order or you can buy these products directly from Spoonflower. We will be available on Amazon, Etsy shortly. Not only can you buy the product you can get the fabric by the metre/yard too (here).

So many options available and more coming soon.

Our designs are unique.

10 initial designs are out now.

Keep checking in as new designs and colours will be released progressively.

Got any requests let us know.

We have created some basic designs as repeating patterns (click for example).

- and then we created more complex ones (click for example).

You can even get wallpaper!

Just so many options.

Tablecloth - click to buy

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