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Play - the heart of our philosophy

Its really important to let the pups play. It is generally recognised that play is an important part of human and animal life but in the chaos of daily life it can be easy to forget.

So what does play look like for pups? Well it can be so many things and can be a solitary or social activity. For dogs we like to think it includes:

- Running

- Swimming

- Chasing (and catching balls)

- Digging

- Rolling

- Hunting / Exploring

- Tumbling

- Cuddling

- Licking and nudging

- Jumping and leaping

- Toys and ropes

- Communicating (some types of barking and pawing)

- Sharing in a group activity

Play can be indoors and outdoors (definitely both) and it doesn't always involve treats (although for scent work treats are a great resource).

For pets, quite often play brings dirt and water into the house.

Sometimes a toy or two will become a casualty of the play but its important to know that this is ok.

For the younger pups play is important for building physical, cognitive and social skills.

For older pups it can be about maintaining those same skills.

Most importantly, play shouldn't be corrected, punished or heavily regimented. It is important to remember that play is a valuable element of life that helps build enjoyment and meaning.

Ensuring pups can play is the essence of GingerBears. Some say play is an expression of love. We agree!

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