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New daily activities to keep pups thinking

Starting 1 September, 2020 we've added to the daily line up for our pups.

As you know, each day we have the regular physical activities and these are, of course, an important part of our daily care. Physical activity is crucial for health and well-being.


Add to this our natural landscapes which are important for water features, natural scents, bird song and plants/herbs. Small dogs may be able to survive in backyards, but to really flourish any dog needs space to roam and explore.

This is a critical part of our philosophy! Dogs love to run and explore each day and we want to give them the chance to do it.

Our venues include dams, trees, natural grasses, fresh drinking water and regular walks and activities in natural settings.


You may have noticed we are throwing in random events and activities for even more fun. Our goal in to ensure mental exercise as well.


Last week (wk 36) we added tomato picking, mulberry picking (this was very popular with the pups), new product trials (e.g., cake) with photo sessions, hound hunts (scent tracking for individuals).

This week (wk 37) we have already run mulberry picking (again - it was popular) and Search & Rescue (scent tracking for groups).

The Labradors already knew how to pick ripe Mulberries whilst some others learnt, the hounds tended to perform strongly on tracking treats and people, others still were expert at obedience games.

We will also run agility activities as well for even more brain and physical training. And whilst these activities only take up a small part of each day, they round out the overall experience through the day.

Our focus is to expand our pup's

experiences and enjoyment through exploration, socialisation, physical and mental activities.

This is a journey we are learning about as well.... we want to share this journey



Hunting Hounds (Group Scent Tracking) - final round.

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2020

What an informative post. Our dogs are living their best lives. As they deserve!

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